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Residential Mortgages

Finally you are looking for a home, but what can you afford?  what you need to know that being PRE APPROVED can help you:

  1. buy a home with more confidence knowing how much you can buy for
  2. your rate is locked and ready for 120 days so that if the rates do go up you are protected.
  3. saves time knowing that all your info is already imputed in the application for a quick final approval.

A pre approval is based on all the info that you give me along with all supporting documents. All i ask is that you be honest with what you tell me as i will be inputting it in the application and helps for a speedy final approval.  I promise to get you the best pre approved rate possible.  I work for your best interest and my sole purpose is to find you the BEST mortgage at the BEST rate available to you TODAY.

I deal with 50 different lending institutions including most major banks.

When deciding whether or not you qualify for a mortgage lenders follow the 5 C’s of Credit. They are:

  • Capacity – is the ability to pay back the loan/mortgage which is determined by your debt-to-income ratios (see below)
  • Collateral – what property is used to help secure the loan (the property you are buying in this case)
  • Capital – your net worth (assets minus your liabilities)
  • Credit – Measured by your credit score taken from your credit history.
  • Character – the impression you make to your loan officer..  bring coffee 🙂
  • COMMON SENSE – there is actually a 6th C which is pretty self explanatory.

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