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Construction Mortgages

There are many other things to consider as well when planning building your own home. Such as what type of construction financing are you going to need? If you do not own the lot already, a construction mortgage can also be used to help finance the cost to purchase your land, will this be part of the equation? How much will you need of your own equity to get started? Who is going to build your home? These questions plus many more will need to be considered.

The 3 types of New Construction Financing

1) Builder/Contractor built home with your money
Customer has entered into an agreement with a registered builder to build their home. The builder requires Financing Draws.
Mortgage Options: Completion Mortgage or Progress Draw

2) Self-Built Home
Customer wants to act as his or her own contractor. They wish to hire sub trades to complete the work.
Mortgage Options: Completion Mortgage or Progress Draw

3) Builder built home with their money
Customer requires funds when the home is 100% complete. Mortgages on newly constructed homes, town homes, condominiums.
Mortgage Options: Completion Mortgage

Progress Draw example

  • Lockup /Roof Stage / Roof Tight – Approximately 35% to 40% complete. A survey is required by first draw. Framing, doors and windows complete. Sometimes, lenders will allow a draw before this stage at around 15% completion once foundation has been completed. A survey will be required at this stage as well.
  • Intermediate / Lock Up – Approximately 65% complete. Drywall is installed and taped with lighting and electrical rough-ins complete. The furnace and water heater are installed and functioning.
  • 85% Complete – Drywall and all plumbing and electrical are complete, flooring and painting, most millwork complete.
  • Final Advance: Home is 100% complete Home has been inspected and the occupancy certificate has been issued.

For each draw, funds are directed to the Borrower’s lawyer who ensures that the appropriate construction lien holdbacks are maintained (usually 10%), prior to releasing funds to the borrower or builder.

Mortgage Problems

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License Number 10280
Agents License Number M11000098

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